Our Mission

We are a startup working to accelerate the coffee industry's adoption of sustainable energy. We aim to transform the coffee landscape through advanced manufacturing, streamlined supply chain processes, and innovative technologies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make sustainable coffee the new normal. Through smarter production, distribution, and encouraging sustainable habits among our customers, we're blending the best of coffee tradition with a commitment to our planet. We see a future where great taste and being eco-friendly aren't just possible, but inseparable.


Emphasizing sustainability in our operation, we're proud to roast our coffee using electricity exclusively, eliminating the need for any fossil fuels. Our unique air roasting process, which employs hot air to quickly roast the beans, maintains the pure, authentic flavor of coffee, steering clear from the traditional roast flavors imparted by conventional methods. Moreover, this approach significantly reduces our environmental footprint, creating 80% fewer CO2 emissions compared to the traditional methods.

In our continuous efforts towards sustainable practices, we're excited to share that we will soon switch to eco-friendly packaging for all our products. Furthering our commitment, we are preparing to publish white papers that lay out our strategies towards wider decarbonization in the coffee industry in the future years.